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Our service for the community is of utmost importance, therefore, we take that responsibility seriously. Due to this Coronavirus pandemic that we are all experiencing, the SAFETY and HEALTH of your children and our staff is our number one priority.

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Our Safety and Health Practices

In order to prevent the spread of this Coronavirus, we are following the CDC guidelines, as well as state and local health officials. We ensure that we carefully maintain a safe and healthy school environment for children, families, and staff. We are following these health protocols:

  • Face Coverings: Protective facial coverings are required for any adult, entering the building (we also provide face shields to all staff members when working at school with children).*

  • Screening: Using a touch free infrared thermometer, we are taking  the temperature of everyone (staff, children, parents, visitors, etc.) upon arrival for temperature and evident symptoms.

  • Limited Access: To prevent the spread of the virus and control group size, we are having parents and family members to remain in common areas of the center only.

  • Wellness Checks: Regular wellness checks are being conducted throughout the day. The parents of unwell children are notified immediately, to help stop the spread of illness.

  • Enhanced Hygiene Practices: We have promoted and strengthened our existing cleanliness and hygiene practices (such as more frequent hand washing, and increased cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of surfaces and items in classrooms).


* Please note, where required by law or child care licensing, children will also be required to wear face coverings.

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We are requiring that children and staff stay home from school for a period of 14 days following the last potential exposure to COVID-19, if any member of the household has (or may have) a suspected or confirmed case of this virus. In addition:

  • We monitor the child(ren)’s health throughout the day and respond appropriately as needed if we detect any potential signs of illness.

  • If your child(ren) does become ill at school, we will call you immediately so they can be picked up as soon as possible. Please ensure that your child(ren) is/are picked up promptly for their well-being, and to help us limit the spread of illness.


The best way to ensure that our students have limited exposure to any virus, is by keeping children at home when they are ill and/or contagious. We ask that you please watch your child closely and contact your physician if your child appears to be feeling sick. Please remember your child must be kept home if they display any signs of illness.

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We are following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention guidance for child care providers (CDC Childcare and K-12 Guidance) and their Travel Advisory (

The Travel Advisory lists areas of the world that are heavily affected, which will require those who have traveled to these locations and members of their household to refrain from entering school for 14 days upon return. This applies to our children, families, and staff members. The list is regularly updated.

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Looking for Immediate Care?

If you are in need of immediate drop-in care? Please contact our office at (619) 737-5902 for more information. 

To our Community First Responders and Frontline Healthcare workers (including law enforcement, firefighters, EMT, etc.), we are here for you. We sincerely appreciate your service to our community.

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